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This year’s 40th issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine is announcing the cast of the new television anime series based on Aoyama Gōshō-sensei’s Magic Kaito manga. Yamaguchi Kappei-san will play the title magician thief and his Kuroba Kaito civilian identity, after playing the same role in the Meitantei CONAN anime adaptations. (Yamaguchi-san also plays Kudō Shinichi himself in Meitantei CONAN.) However, actress and seiyū  M.A.O (real name - Ichimichi Mao-san, tokusatsu fans should know her very well as Luka Millfy, aka GōkaiYellow from famous Super Sentai 35th Anniversary series Kaizoku Sentai Gōkaigerwill play Kaito's childhood friend and love Nakamori AokoTakayama Minami-san (the voice of Edogawa Conan) and Iwai Yukiko-san played Aoko in Meitantei CONAN, while Fujimura Ayumi-san played her in the 2010 Magic Kaito: KID the Phantom Thief television special.

Kitamura Eri-san will play the witch Koizumi Akako, whom Hayashibara Megumi-san (Haibara Ai / Miyano Shiho in Meitantei CONAN anime adaptations) voiced in Meitantei CONAN and Sawashiro Miyuki-san voiced in the Magic Kaito: KID the Phantom Thief television special. Miyano Mamoru-san will play Hakuba Saguru, the son of a police superintendent and a high school detective in his own right. Ishida Akira-san played the character in Meitantei CONAN.

The anime is part of a project to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Meitantei CONAN manga’s serialization in Shōnen Sunday. A-1 Pictures is animating the series that will air in the time slot before the Meitantei CONAN anime. The Saturday anime series will premiere on October 4 at 5:30 p.m. JST.

Pictures in this post includes: Yamaguchi Kappei-san, M.A.OMiyano Mamoru-san and Kitamura Eri-san.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork (with my personal edits)

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